Lipids in the Ocean 2021 will cover the wide spectrum of applications of lipids in the study of marine processes from climate changes to trophic biomarkers, with special emphasis on emerging lipidomic platforms, seafood traceability and sustainable use of natural resources in biotechnological applications:

During the conference we will have six keynote lectures given by researchers of recognized international merit. The scientific program will include oral and panel communications embedded in six topics.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed the scientific program, and hence brought back to your places many nice memories from Aveiro.

Keynote speakers

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Conference – 5th – 7th July 2021

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Session 1 – Lipids as biomarkers in trophic sea webs

Session 2– Marine lipidomics and its applications

Session 3 – Lipids in the changing ocean

Session 4 – Green lipids from the ocean (seaweeds, microalgae, and macrophytes)

Session 5 – Marine lipids biotechnology: prospects and applications

Session 6 – Seafood traceability using lipids

Workshops – 5th July

      • Workshop 1 –Marine Photosynthetic Pigments +info
      • Workshop 2 – Bioactive lipids produced by marine organisms with pharmaceutical and industrial applications +info
      • Workshop 3 – Marine Lipidomics +info

Small group for each workshop (max 20-25 attendants)


The Lipids in the Ocean 2021 Conference venue will be at University of Aveiro