Workshop 2

Bioactive lipids produced by marine organisms with pharmaceutical and industrial applications

July 5, 9h30 – 13h30

Marine organisms are an interesting source of many bioactive compounds, including lipids, with pharmaceutical and industrial applications. In this workshop, we aim to explore the state of the art of the knowledge regarding novel and known compounds from the marine organism with a particular focus on diverse lipids and its analysis of promising bioactivities towards human diseases, nutrition or other applications.

Participations are welcome about recent results and advances, problems, laboratory experience, methodological recommendations, possible applications, projects in the area, or observed gaps for research or for industrial applications, amongst other topics not listed here.  Besides of sharing experience and results, we aim to explore the necessary future steps to develop more success for the application of bioactive lipids from marine organism.


Dr. Ralph Urbatzka (CIIMAR, Portugal)

Dr. Filipe Castro (CIIMAR, Portugal)